Essential Phrases
se – Yes
nae – No
sese – Of course/Absolutely
naenae – Of course not/No way
bisau – Maybe/Possibly
lotane – Please/Excuse me
milo – Thanks
wo mila to – I thank you
wo ye mila to – I also thank you
nae mila – Don’t thank/No problem
ilemo – Apologies
wo ilema – I apologize/I’m sorry
nae ilema – Don’t apologize/No problem ki oyo? – Where is...?
pasua – Stop
helea – Help

Hello and Goodbye
anya - Hello/Goodbye
hey – Hi/Hey
kali sabaho – Good morning
kali hio – Good day
kali osko – Good evening/good night
ke kali sabaho – Have a nice morning
ke kali hio – Have a nice day
ke kali osko – Have a nice night

Making yourself understood
ce to ansa...? – Do you speak...?
wo nae ansa... – I don’t speak...
wo lafu ansa... – I speak a little...
lotane sipota – Please slow down
lotane aksala – Please write it
lotane ceu ansa – Please say it again
wo ba – I understand
wo nae ba – I don’t understand
ku isala...? – How do you say...?
tongwe angos – in Angos/using Angos
tongwe engul-ango – in English/using English

How are you?
to ku? – How are you?
wo kalu, mila. - I'm good/I'm doing well, thank you
wo nae kalu. - I'm not so good/ I'm not doing well
wo dimesu – I’m bad/I’m doing poorly
wo nae dimesu – Not bad
oke - Okay/It's okay
ye to ku? – And how are you?
wo ye – Me too
somi – Same

wi namo... - My name is...
wo me bebea ine... – I was born in...
wo fe... – I am from...
wo leisa ine – I live in...
de wo, tae ... taho – I am ... years old
fi omo wi akio – This is my friend
fi omo wi om-soyuso – This is my spouse
fi omo wi anako – This is my child
le to ku me oma? – How did you meet?

Learning about someone
ti namo ko? - What is your name?
to fe ki oyo? - Where are you from?
to leisa de ki oyo? – Where do you live?
de to, tae ki meno kwe taho? – How old are you?
ti kamo ko? – What do you do for work?
ce to me oma...? - Do you know/Have you met...? (a person)
ce to yada...? - Do you know...? (a fact)
ce to kala...? - Do you like...?
ko koda to de fi oyo? – Why are you here?
to de fi oyo hife ki samino? – How long have you been here?
to ke wesea hie ki samino? – When will you leave?

Contact Information
ti ans-mek-lakamos ko? – What is your phone number?
ti ladis kyoli-buk-namos ko? – What is your email address?
ce to kinoa samac-ipos? – Do you use social media?
ti web-namos ko? – What is your username?

Commands and Instructions
nae... – Don’t...
sefame... – Let’s...
naefame... – Let’s not...
fea – Come here
dea – Go there
inea - Come in/Enter
wesea - Go out/Go away/Exit
idu esa – Sit down
idu ayna – Calm yourself down
idu syota – Shut yourself up

Needs and Emotions
to ku sensa? – How are you feeling?
wo desa ala – I’m hungry
wo desa nestea – I’m thirsty
wo desa sona – I’m tired
wo balaki – I’m happy
wo gadabi – I’m angry

to ku eska kwe...? – What do you think of...?
wo eska lae ... – I think...
ki kodo? – Why?/What cause?
isue... – Because...
wo tafaha – I agree/I agree with...
wo nae tafaha – I do not agree/I do not agree with...
wo icaa... – I am against...

Hobbies and Interests
to ka hie ti wakali samino? – What do you do in your free time?
wo kala... – I like...
wo nae kala... – I don’t like
wo sefe kala... – I most like.../My favorite is...
wo naefe kala... – I least like.../My least favorite is...
...wia wi-mekos – to watch television
...wia gemos – to watch games/sports
...gemas – play games/sports
...ela musikos – to listen to music
...laksa ine laks-oyos – to dance in a dance club
...wia le bukos – read books
...mag-ten-eyfa - gardening

Are you free?
to ka? – What are you doing?
ce to ya? - Are you doing anything?/Are you free?
wo ma - I'm doing something/I'm busy
wo nae ya – I’m not doing anything/I’m free
se, wo bisaa ma – Yes, I can do something
ilemo, wo nae bisaa ya – Sorry, I can’t do anything
wo kama – I’m working
wo kona – I’m studying

More useful phrases
ne – so/then/well
ce istini? - Really?
kali meno – That’s enough/That’s a good amount
nae wedi – It’s not important/It doesn’t matter
fi caso ko? - What time is it?
ce yi ando? - Anything else?