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angos nehas-kolwat-angos lae me te kasas hie 2011. los te eskedyas mate lafis ang-mekos ye nehasis kwe le awaso mwe kalimo. angos-samacos sopia le omo lae fe osi tipo ye angos nae kala yi ang-ekuno sele de yi ando. mate kona angos, lotane nesumas le soyusos mate kosos oe ang-mekos. ye mwea le wo mate ansa de Facebook!


Angos is an international auxiliary language developed in 2011. It is designed to be minimalistic in terms of grammar, and international in terms of sounds and vocabulary. The Angos community accepts individuals of all backgrounds, and special attention has been taken to avoid favoring one linguistic group. To learn Angos, feel free to click the links for lessons or a grammatical overview. Also join us for conversation on Facebook!