ni-mon-anako lae fe aliso: A Princess of Mars


CONO KATELO: wo istinu seyni na-omo. wo nae yada lakamo. wo bisau syon, bisau sele. wo nae yada isue wo nae seyna kye andi omo.

JOHN CARTER: I am a very old man. How old I do not know. It is possible I am a hundred, maybe more. I cannot tell because I have never aged as other men do.

do lae wo bisaa yada, hie osi eleteo wo hinife tin-den. besela somi hie fi hio kye hiposte kan-den taho. mice wo sensa fo lae wo nae bisaa ikwinu eletea. hie mi hio, wo ke mawta de istini mawto lae wo nae ke bisaa wesea. wo nae ba fo lae wo talua fela mawto. wo me mawta hie don ceo ye wo olose eletea.

So far as I can remember, I have always been a man of about thirty. I appear today as I did forty years ago. Yet, I feel that I cannot go on living forever. Someday I will die the real death from which there is no escape. I do not know why I should fear death. I have died two times and am still alive.

wo nae olose me ansa fi sagos. tae istino lae noo nae ke eska fo lae nae bisaa ba. wo nae bisaa wistala fo lae me cea de wo. wo he bisaa ansa kwe den taho lae wi mawti telo me ine bat-leiso ine alisonao ye nae me te finda.

I have never told this story. I know the human mind will not believe what it cannot understand. I cannot explain what happened to me. I can only tell of the ten years my dead body lay undiscovered in an Arizona cave.

wi namo cono katelo. wo fe alukos lae feciniao. hie koneco lae fe di aluk-mili-sukobos, wo me ede semyao ye ede emasos ye ede kamo.

My name is John Carter. I am from the state of Virginia. At the close of the Civil War I found myself without a home, without money and without work.

wo me awkela fo lae sefe kali eskedyo fo lae finda emaso ine bali le lahol-eyfo ine amelikai sus-konec-kui eyfo.

I decided the best plan was to search for gold in the great deserts of the American Southwest.

hibye ayn taho, wo me atempa finda emaso mwe andi mili-omo, kapteno cemso powelo lae ye fe feciniao. le wo sefe bahati. hie ays-sesono lae taho den-okon ye sen-den-keyn, le wo me finda bato lae tae emaso.

I spent almost a year searching for gold with another former soldier, Captain James Powell, also of Virginia. We were extremely lucky. In the winter of eighteen sixty-five we found rocks that held gold.

powelo me te tiedea de mek-omo mate metal-laywenos. lo me ansa fo lae le wo me finda emaso lae weda dafe eseon dolalos hie tin yin-mekos. mice kamo me sipoti mwe he don omo ye feti olos. ne le wo awkela fo lae powelo talua gia de sefe nifei hilio mate finda le olos ye le omo mate helea kama. hie sol-tini yin-mekos lae taho den-okon ye sen-den-sen, powelo me wesea. lo me hipa ake balo de gileno. wo me wia li cinpoo hibye mi le caso.

Powell was trained as a mining engineer. He said we had uncovered over a million dollars worth of gold in only three months. But the work was slow with only two men and not much equipment. So we decided Powell should go to the nearest settlement to seek equipment and men to help us with the work. On March third, eighteen sixty-six, Powell said good-bye. He rode his horse down the mountain toward the valley. I followed his progress for several hours.

sabaho lae powelo me wesea me kye osi sabaho lae ine le lahol-eyfo lae ine bali sus-konec-kui eyfo - kalisi mwe sabi.

The morning Powell left was like all mornings in the deserts of the great Southwest -- clear and beautiful.

hie lafi samino, wo me wia dafale gileno. wo ilatu me wia tin hip-omo lae de somi oyo lae wo hiposteu me wia wi akio. hiposte wia, wo me awkela fo lae di tin hip-omo bewisu sukobi laywen-omo.

Not much later I looked across the valley. I was surprised to see three riders in the same place where I had last seen my friend. After watching for some time, I decided the three riders must be hostile Indians.

wo me yada fo lae de powelo, me tae fali sihos ye me gogei mili-omo. mice wo me eska fo lae lo ke talua wi heleo. wo me ba wi le sihos, ye me esa sios dafe wi hipo, ye me gatiu begina ake hodos lae powelo me hipa.

Powell, I knew, was well armed and an experienced soldier. But I knew he would need my aid. I found my weapons, placed a saddle on my horse and started as fast as possible down the trail taken by Powell.

wo sefe gatiu me eskola lo hide osko. hinife nowani caso, yino me kaela istinu lusi. me tae neo lae bayta poweli hodos. hie lafi samino, wo me finda hodos lae te kasas fe di tin hip-omo lae me eskola powelo. le lo bewisu laywen-omo. le lo bewisu me desa lowkwa powelo.

I followed as quickly as I could until dark. About nine o'clock the moon became very bright. I had no difficulty following Powell's trail. I soon found the trail left by the three riders following Powell. I knew they were Indians. I was sure they wanted to capture Powell.

wo ilatu me ela le sih-awasos ante wo. wo sefe gatiu me hipa lae bisai. hie lafi samino wo me nifea lafi ekunos. mi le syen apace-laywen-omo me de ekun-selaos. wo me bisaa wia powelo dafe nehaso. wo nae me noa, wo he me koda. wo me esa wi le sihos ye begina siha.

Suddenly I heard shots far ahead of me. I hurried ahead as fast as I could. Soon I came to a small camp. Several hundred Apache Indians were in the center of the camp. I could see Powell on the ground. I did not even think about what to do, I just acted. I pulled out my guns and began shooting.

le apaceo me te ilata ye me wesea. wo koda fo lae wi hipo gia de ekunos de powelo. wo me esa wi mano ye me hesa lo tongwe li tesmaos de hipo. wo koda fo lae wi hipo gatia. hie fi ceo, le apaceo me bewsia fo lae wo ayni ye gatiu me begina eskola. hie lafi samino, le wo me ine eyfo lae me tae fali yomo.

The Apaches were surprised and fled. I forced my horse into the camp and toward Powell. I reached down and pulled him up on the horse by his belt. I urged the horse to greater speed. The Apaches by now realized that I was alone and quickly began to follow. We were soon in very rough country.

hodos lae wo me awkela me begina dafeu kua. lo me dafea ye dafea. wo me eskola hodos bye mi le syen metelo hide wo nifea dolo lae fe bali bat-leiso.

The trail I chose began to rise sharply. It went up and up. I followed the trail for several hundred meters more until I came to the mouth of a large cave.

me hinife sabaho. wo akea wi hipo ye me esa powelo dafe nehaso. wo me atempa dala panio de lo. mice nae me koda. powelo mawti. wo me akea li telo ye me gia de bat-leiso.

It was almost morning now. I got off my horse and laid Powell on the ground. I tried to give him water. But it was no use. Powell was dead. I laid his body down and continued to the cave.

wo me begina dafalea bat-leiso. wo me atempa finda tamengi oyo lae wo bisaa idu tamenga oe bisau twei hodo. mice wo kaela istinu soni. lo me kali senso. wi telo me kaela sefe wasnai. wo nae me bisaa idu esa. hie lafi samino wo me talua esa de bat-leis-ondo. mate mi kodo, wo nae me bisaa esa wi le taleko oe le panao.

I began to explore the cave. I was looking for a safe place to defend myself, or perhaps for a way out. But I became very sleepy. It was a pleasant feeling. My body became extremely heavy. I had trouble moving. Soon I had to lay down against the side of the cave. For some reason I could not move my arms or legs.

wo me te esa de dolo lae fe bat-leiso. wo me bisaa wia hodos lae netana de fi oyo. ye hie di ceo, wo me bisaa wia le apaceo. le lo me finda wo. mice wo me bisaa nea.

I lay facing the opening of the cave. I could see part of the trail that had led me here. And now I could see the Apaches. They had found me. But I could do nothing.

hibye minuto, ayn apaceo inea bat-leiso. lo me wia de wo, mice nae me nifea. li le wio ye belano me dola. wo me wia felo dafe li kao. lo me wia de mo lae poste wo ye me wesea.

Within a minute one of them came into the cave. He looked at me, but he came no closer. His eyes grew wide. His mouth opened. He had a look of terror on his face. He looked behind me for moment and then fled.

wo ilatu me ela okopi awaso poste wo.

Suddenly I heard a low noise behind me.

le apaceo ye me da. le lo me daila ye wesea. awaso kaela sele makti. mice wo nae me bisaa idu esa. nae bisaa daila wi hedo mate wia fo lae poste wo. hibye entayi hio, wo me fu. wo me ceu atempa dafea, ye ceu, mice wo nae me bisaa idu esa. wo solu me ela asteli awaso. lo me kye metali naluos lae tayla. wo gatiu me dafea. wi lugo me mwe bat-leis-walo.

So could the rest of the Apaches. They all turned and fled. The sound became louder. But still I could not move. I could not turn my head to see what was behind me. All day I lay like this. I tried again to rise, and again, but still I could not move. Then I heard a sharp sound. It was like a steel wire breaking. I quickly stood up. My back was against the cave wall.

wo akeu me wia. me tae wi telo ante wo.

I looked down. There before me lay my body.

hibye mi le ceo, wo me wia wi telo. wo nae me bisaa idu koda fo lae mana lo. wo istinu me fela. le bat-leis-awaso mwe bokao lae wi telo me koda fo lae wo wesea. wo sipotu postea de bat-leis-dolo.

For a few moments, I stood looking at my body. I could not bring myself to touch it. I was very frightened. The sounds of the cave and the sight of my body forced me away. I slowly backed to the opening of the cave.

wo me daila mate wia alisonai osko. wo me bisaa wia syon yutuso. hibye wo esa, wo kua wi le wio de bali sang-ami yutuso. wo nae me bisaa pasua wia lo. lo aliso… sang-ami kesego… sang-ami mili-sukob-watio. lo me besela hesa wo de lo.

I turned to look at the Arizona night. I could see a thousand stars. As I stood there I turned my eyes to a large red star. I could not stop looking at it. It was Mars…the red planet…the red god of war. It seemed to pull me near.

hibye ceo, wo solu me bimila wi le wio. me tae ceo mwe ays-halao ye osk-halao. hie ceo, wo mawtu ye anyu me sona.

Then, for a moment, I closed my eyes. There was an instant of extreme cold and total darkness. Suddenly I was in deep, dreamless, peaceful sleep.

wo me bokaa wi le wio ye wo me wia istinu otali kalayo. hie ceo, wo me ba fo lae wo dafe aliso. wo nae me cimuna fo. wi noo me ansa fo lae wo dafe aliso kye ti noo ansa fo lae to dafe nehaso. to nae cimuna fo, ye nae wo.

I opened my eyes upon a very strange land. I immediately knew then I was on Mars. Not once did I question this fact. My mind told me I was on Mars as your mind tells you that you are upon Earth. You do not question the fact, nor did I.

wo me dafe yang-ami kusao lae patyana kalayo bye fali maylo. caso me hinife bani hio ye yango me lusa dafe wo. lo me tepuli.

I found myself lying on a bed of yellow colored grass that covered the land for kilometers. The time was near the middle of the day and the sun was shining full upon me. It was warm.

wo me awkela wia wi eyfo. hie ceo lae to dafea, me tae wi sol-ayni alisi ilato. wi atempo lae mate dafea me esa wo nife ayn metelo ine alisi ealo. mice wo kulameu me gelaa de kusao ede bayto.

I decided to do a little exploring. Springing to my feet, I received my first Martian surprise. The effort to stand carried me into the Martian air to the height of about one meter. I landed softly upon the ground, however, without incident.

wo me finda fo lae wo ceu talua kona gia. wi le muskolo me te kuwia de nehas-gelao. de aliso, tae feti gelao. wi le atempo lae gia me saya igela ye wo me ine ealo. hie ayn ceo wo me gelaa dafe wi kao. hie feti samino, wo me kona fo lae wo talua feti atempo mate gia dafe aliso de dafe nehaso.

I found that I must learn to walk all over again. My muscles were used to the gravity of Earth. Mars has less gravity. My attempts to walk resulted in jumps and hops, which took me into the air. I once landed on my face. I soon learned that it took much less effort for me to move on Mars than it did on Earth.

nife wo, me tae lafi walos. wo tamengu me gia de walos ye wo me wia dafe lo. me tae le ego lae le mo tayli. me tae lafi kusa-ami eyako ine le lo. le lo me wia wo tongwe bali sang-ami le olo.

Near me was a small, low wall. Carefully, I made my way to the wall and looked over. It was filled with eggs, some already broken open. Small, green creatures were in them. They looked at me with huge red eyes.

hibye wo wia baysui eyako, wo nae me ela don-den wayaski alis-omo lae me nifea wo. nae me tae isalo. hie ceo lae wo daila, wo me wia le lo. ayn alis-omo me nifea wo mwe bali hanito lae lis astelos de wi haleto!

As I watched the fierce-looking creatures, I failed to hear twenty full-grown Martians coming from behind me. They had come without warning. As I turned, I saw them. One was coming at me with a huge spear, with its sharp tip pointed at my heart!

eyako lae mwe hanito me bali. me tae fali ando lae beseli. le lo me poste wo ye le lo me dafe le lugo lae fali hefo. osi eyako me ba otali le sihos.

The creature with the spear was huge. There were many other similar creatures. They had ridden behind me on the backs of large animals. Each of them carried a collection of strange-looking weapons.

eyako lae mwe bali hanito akea li hefo ye me begina gia de wo. lo nifeu keyn metelo ye oski kusa-ami eskino. bali tiso yoma fe li kao, ye li kao me bokaa fali dimeso mwe sukob-senso.

The one with the large spear got down from the back of his animal and began walking toward me. He was almost five meters tall and a dark green color. Huge teeth stuck out of his face, and his expression showed much hate and violence.

hie di ceo, wo me ba fo lae lo baysui sukob-omo. lo me begina gia de wo mwe hanito. de wo, nae me tae siho. wo nae me bisaa sukoba. ayni nefaso me wesea.

I immediately knew I was facing a terrible warrior. He began moving quickly toward me with the spear. I was completely unarmed. I could not fight. My only chance was to escape.

wo me kinoa osi wi makto mate weseu igela. wo me bisaa igela tin-den metelo. kusa-ami alis-omo me pasua ye me wia wi atempo. wo yefeu ba fo lae li kao me bokaa ilato.

I used all my strength to jump away from him. I was able to jump almost thirty meters. The green Martian stopped and watched my effort. I would learn later that the look on his face showed complete surprise.

le eyako me ekuna ye ansa bene le lo. hibye le lo me ansa, wo me oletaa wesea. mice wo me wia fo lae de le lo, me tae le siho lae besela metal-kele-sihos. wo nae me bisaa wesea.

The creatures gathered and talked among themselves. While they talked, I thought about running away. However, I noticed several of them carried devices that looked very much like rifles. I could not run.

hiposte lafi samino, osi eyako me wesea salie ayn. eyako lae me feseya wo me esa. lo sipotu me ba metali tesmaos fe li taleko ye ba los de wo. lo me ansa tongwe otali ango.

Soon, all but one of the creatures moved away. The one who had threatened me stayed. He slowly took off a metal band from his arm and held it out to me. He spoke in a strange language.

lo sipotu me akea li le siho. wo me oletaa fo lae fi kodo any-isalo de osi olo lae dafe nehaso, ne ki kodo lae nae aliso? wo me gia de lo. tongwe selai awaso, wo me ansa wi namo ye fo lae wo anya. lo bewisu nae me ba wi ango, mice kye wo, lo me ba fo lae wo nae feseya.

Slowly, he laid down his weapons. I thought this would have been a sign of peace anywhere on Earth…why not on Mars, too? I walked toward him and in a normal voice announced my name and said I had come in peace. I knew he did not understand, but like me, he took it to mean that I meant no harm.

sipotu le wo ekuna. lo me dala bali metali tesmaos lae me dafe li taleko. lo me daila ye me kasa le isalo tongwe li le mano lae bokaa fo lae wo eskola lo. hie lafi samino, le wo me de bali hefo lae lo me dafea.

Slowly, we came together. He gave me the large metal band that had been around his arm. He turned and made signs with his hands that I should follow him. Soon we arrived at the large animal he had been riding.

tongwe li le mano, lo ceu me kasa isalo lae wo sefame dafea somi hefo lae poste lo. ekuno me daila ye me begina hefa dafe kalayo. le wo gatiu me gia de le balo lae kyolii.

He again made a sign with his hands that I should ride on the same animal behind him. The group turned and began riding across the land. We moved quickly toward mountains in the distance.

bali le hefo lae le wo me dafea gatiu me gia dafe kalayo. fe le balo lae nife le wo, wo bisaa wia fo lae le wo de subo lae seyni mawti lauto.

The large animals we rode moved quickly across the land. I could tell from the surrounding mountains that we were on the bottom of a long dead sea.